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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Our Adelaide DJ Service?

This post provides a run-down of what our Adelaide DJ service provides, how much it costs, and how our enquiry and booking process works.

TL;DR - we provide all the equipment and play the music you want, we charge $210 p/hr, you email/call us and we email/call back and get everything sorted easy-peasy.

We are a value-based service: we give you our best service and tailor it to your needs, rather than offering different packages and service limits. For example, regardless of whether we meet/chat once before your event, or three times, the price is the same. We can discuss this all over the phone or email if you have specific questions about what we can/can't do for you.

We love collecting vinyl records and this makes up the majority of our music collection. We supplement this with digital music, for the tunes that we don’t own on wax. It’s pretty easy for us to play any specific music requests you have - just ask!

Most events that we DJ at tend to run for 4-6 hours, typically costing $840-$1260. This covers all the services that we provide - both in the lead-up to your event and on the day/night. Here's a short list of what's usually provided, to give you an idea:

  • Professional-grade audio equipment, including:

  • Condesa Lucia (high quality, fully discrete, analog rotary DJ mixer - handcrafted in SA)

  • 2x PA Speakers (JBL ‘EON 515XT’)

  • 1x Subwoofer (JBL 'EON 518S')

  • 2x Wireless mics (AKG sr40 Mini Pro2)

  • Our time - either one of us, or both of us DJing (*there is no price difference)

  • Consultation and ongoing communication prior to your event (either in person, or over the phone)

  • Uniquely curated playlist, styled to your taste or theme

  • Basic coloured dance-floor lighting

  • Setting up and sound checking before any guests arrive

  • Optional Master of Ceremonies duties

If you want to see an in-depth costs breakdown, we've written more about that here.

Rest assured that we don't charge extra for weddings because that's not cool.


What types of events do we DJ at?

Well, we keep an open mind to anything.

Mostly, our clients are Weddings, 30th Birthdays (and upwards), and community events.

Given our age and musical tastes (we have no idea what a TikTok song is), we are probably not the best DJ for your school formal, 18th or 21st Birthday, unless you are REALLY into older music.


If that all sounds pretty good, please send us an inquiry, so we can get to know you and your event a little better.

Please provide as much detail as possible, particularly:

  • Event date

  • Start and finish times

  • Location

  • Your dreams and visions for the vibe of your event i.e. what would make it musically amazing and memorable for you? Or, what would make it terrible and must be avoided at all costs?

That last point is so important! We want to check that we are the right people to provide the music and ambiance that you’re seeking. We are motivated by our love of music and the collective joy of a shared musical experience.


So, how does the rest of the DJ booking process work?

After receiving your inquiry, we contact you to confirm our availability, our ability to hit the musical vibe you’re desiring and to provide a specific quote. If we’re not the right fit for you and your event, we can recommend other Adelaide DJs who can assist you.

If you decide to book our services, we like to have a phone chat, or meet in person to go over the specifics of your event (this can take 15-30min, or longer if you wish). From there, we provide a service agreement (contract) which clearly outlines our services and booking terms, including information about deposits (<50%) and cancellations due to COVID-19 or other circumstances.

Once your deposit is paid, your booking is made!

After that, we continue to be at your service, as much, or as little, as you need in the lead-up to your event.


Good luck with your planning and feel free to ask any questions about booking wedding DJs or event DJs in Adelaide, with no obligation to use our services. You can also check out what some of our satisfied clients have said about us.

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