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DJ Nick Dawson from Adelaide DJ duo Funk Bros DJs


As a lifelong music lover and collector, sharing music with others through DJing was a natural progression for Nick. With a history of playing drums in various music projects, Nick leans towards anything with a strong beat and catchy bass-line. His musical palette is ever-growing thanks to a constant search for soulful and danceable sounds.

"I love to share music with others and open people's ears to different sounds"

DJ Benny G from Adelaide DJ duo Funk Bros DJs


Ben’s love of vinyl began when DJing for a hip-hop crew in the early 2000s.

Exploring hip hop’s roots in funk and soul stirred an insatiable appetite for deep percussion grooves and appreciation for soul's incredible storytelling ability. Ben is a quiet fanatic of all things boogie and disco, loving any opportunity to shake his booty on the dance floor.

"I love seeing people enjoy themselves and be released from the day's worries through music"

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