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6 Reasons Why We Love DJing with Vinyl

What separates a vinyl DJ from DJs playing other formats? We've picked 6 reasons why you'd consider hiring a vinyl DJ for your wedding or special event

DJ Nick Dawson from Adelaide DJ duo Funk Bros DJs adjusting the pitch on a turntable at Electric Avenue
Funk Bros DJ - Nick Dawson (well, his arm anyway)

1) Vinyl DJs are extremely invested in their music collection

Vinyl costs money to buy and to maintain in good condition. They're more expensive than CDs or digital files. You're also shelling out for turntables to play it on, plus decent cartridges to ensure a high quality signal chain.

It's not a casual hobby, that's for sure. It reflects a deep love of music and enjoying the listening experience.

More often than not, your vinyl DJ is a record collector and listener first and foremost. Someone with a passion for music. Who gets excited about playing their records out for others to enjoy.

2) Vinyl DJs are real people

Spotify and other digital streaming services have come a long way. But, nothing beats having an actual human person selecting tunes for your event.

The mood in a room changes? Any vinyl DJ worth their salt will notice and adapt. The mood in the room NEEDS changing? The DJ will make it happen. You’ll get to hear (and watch) live mixes/blends between songs which are unique to your event.

3) Vinyl Sounds Better than Spotify

No scientific arguments will be entered into here. Vinyl sounds warm, human, and inviting. It’s music you can feel.

DJ Benny G from Adelaide DJ duo Funk Bros DJs looking in a crate of vinyl records
Funk Bros DJs - Nick & Benny G

4) Vinyl is a Tactile Experience

Like we mentioned, you can ‘feel’ the music on vinyl going through your body. You can also handle the physical record and admire the cover art.

It is satisfying when guests want to know more info about what we’re playing. Or, they have a personal connection with the song or album. It’s a joy to pull out a record sleeve, talk about it with guests, and recommend other artists they might enjoy.

5) Vinyl is eye-catching and draws you in

Listening to a record sparks conversation. Watching a record spinning out warm musical wavelengths is a wonderful experience. You can’t help but notice it.

We like to display record sleeves in front of our turntables so the guests can see what they’re listening to. It gets people talking, and sharing, and dancing, and for us, that’s what music is all about.

6) Some songs are only available on vinyl

"Yeah right!" we hear you thinking, because everything is available online nowadays. We should clarify that some songs are only available in an official, high-quality condition on vinyl.

Sure, you can rip a low-quality mp3 from Youtube. But it won't sound as good, and you're depriving the copyright owner of their due reward. Some of our favourite records are only available on vinyl.


We love collecting, listening to, and playing vinyl at clients' weddings and events.

Hopefully we've convinced you of the value of hiring a vinyl DJ. If you're a fellow vinyl collector or DJ, we salute you!

We're available for hire as vinyl DJs in Adelaide if you think a vinyl DJ is the right fit for your wedding or special event.


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