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Introducing... our Condesa Lucia DJ mixer

TL;DR - We love our high quality, fully discrete, analog rotary DJ mixer. And we think you’ll love how it elevates the sound at your next Adelaide event.

We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Funk Bros DJ team: our Condesa Lucia.

A Condesa Lucia DJ Mixer sitting on a wooden bench
Marvel at the handcrafted beauty...

This beautiful piece of machinery was manufactured with love, by hand, in South Australia by Mehdi El-Aquil’s Condesa Electronics team.

We feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to live in Adelaide and inhabit the same musical circles as Mehdi, which led to us being introduced to his delicious sounding DJ mixers.

Our first encounter with a Condesa was in 2017 at Endless Grooves Disco is NOT a Dirty Word parties at Biggies@Bertram. It’s fair to say that it was love at first sight (and sound and touch!). Records sounded warm, full, present and alive.

A Condesa Lucia DJ mixer next to a Technics 1200 turntable at Disco is not a dirty word party in Adelaide, South Australia

In the words of Mehdi: “...if a Condesa makes you, the music lover, the DJ, the listener have a better connection to the music then our job’s done. If the connection’s better — if people go ‘Wow. I spent my whole night really listening... and realised how good it sounded’, then our job’s done.”

Condesa Electronics founder Mehdi El-Aquil holds two Condesa DJ mixers, standing in his workshop in Adelaide, SA
Condesa Electronics founder Mehdi El-Aquil

If you’ve visited any of the following venues in Adelaide: Sugar, Udaberri, Thousand Island, Nearly a Bar; you’ve likely heard the lovely musical results that a Condesa mixer can provide.

We can’t wait for you to hear how gorgeous this mixer sounds and to experience the dynamics it can add to a dance floor!

People dancing to music by Funk Bros DJs at Ellie and Tom's wedding at Lloyd Brothers Winery in McLaren Vale, SA
Condesa DJ mixer = dance floor magnetism

Read more about Condesa Electronics and salivate over the gear in their Insta feed.

Get in touch if you would like to hear the Condesa Lucia at your next Adelaide DJ event!

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