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Zelda & Will's Wedding at Adelaide Botanic Garden

“I whisper you my secret and I know you'd never tell…”

When booking a DJ for your wedding and planning the music, clear communication between the couple and the DJ is key. We see this as putting our heads together to make dreams a reality, while also keeping it simple. For example, when working with Zelda and Will, we spoke on the phone, met in person and exchanged about 40 emails in total. This may sound like a lot, but the whole process felt relaxed. We collaborated and solved problems together. Such as, how we would move our DJ setup between two locations during the event with minimal interruption to the music.

Zelda and Will’s reception began with a cocktail hour on the lawns next to the rose garden in Adelaide’s beautiful botanic gardens. The ambience and atmosphere were perfect. With the sun dipping behind the conservatory and the evening air sparkling with lively conversation. Our music brief was for a ‘rooftop bar at sunset’, based around the feels from artists such as Mura Masa, Petit Biscuit, and The Avalanches. Following this, guests found their seats for dinner while we moved our DJ setup indoors. Dinner proceeded with a soundtrack of ‘sneaky bangers’ (a great description from Will), while still being low-key so that guests could talk.

the bride and groom at Zelda and Will's wedding at Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Photography by Deon & Reni

Another factor we loved about Zelda and Will’s wedding was the 4 hours of dance floor time. Finishing at 1:30am opened up the dance floor time for different moods and tempos. Later finishes like this can work well because we can play more music, in less of a rush. We can also work more dynamics into the mix, rather than cramming in 90 minutes of ‘bangers’ (though this can be fun too). Zelda and Will envisioned 3 discrete ‘sets’ for the dance floor: oldies, indie club and disco. They provided 10 song requests for each of these ‘sets’ and we built the rest around that. Making sure we responded to what guests were wanting more of.

the bride and groom dancing at Zelda and Will's wedding at Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Photography by Deon & Reni

We find that older songs have the most multigenerational appeal. So we agreed with Zelda and Will’s idea to start with 90 minutes of music from artists like ABBA, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin and Queen. Then, once the guests whittled down to friends, the indie club tunes were well received (e.g. Flume, Calvin Harris, and Dizzee Rascal). To round out the night, feel-good disco tunes (à la Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan) had friends and lovers moving through moody shadows until it was time to shut down the music.


Zelda and Will said: “Wow, what a night! We were blown away by you guys! Funk Bros DJ's played at our wedding in Adelaide and created one of the best dancefloors I have ever seen! The process leading up to the event was cool and calm. They even provided additional lighting and sound suggestions to enhance the performance at our site, the result was fantastic.

Ben and Nick are great communicators and ask questions to understand the event and the music vibe required. They are able to pick the mood of the room and adjust their gig accordingly.

To finish off the night they played a vinyl set which was exceptionally cool and was received very well by our guests. We look forward to seeing them on the decks again soon! I highly recommend Funk Bros DJ's.”

We're available for hire as wedding DJs in Adelaide if you think we're the right fit for your wedding.

Credits list:

Photographers - Deon & Reni

Catering - Blanco Weddings

Stylist - One Rundle

Marriage Celebrant - Elizabeth Graham


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