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Funk Bros DJs @ Wurst of Adelaide 2016

Love a good sausage? Love a good beer? Love a good wine? Love the Wurst of Adelaide!

Funk Bros DJs were stoked to supply the entertainment at the inaugural Wurst of Adelaide. From our vantage point behind Steve the Bartender's bar, we enjoyed spinning some sunny, chilled tunes, and then some more uptempo numbers once the afternoon warmed up.

In between laying down some soulful beats, we found time to eat our way through the Wursts on offer. Trust our thoroughly-researched expertise as we recommend the following:

6 Songs to Eat Sausages to...

"Hard Times" by Baby Huey & The Babysitters

If it's good enough for a 300-pound soulman, then it's good enough for us. However, we do prefer a proper sausage to Spam, and we also endorse less consumption of fatty meats than what Mr Huey seemed to enjoy. RIP big man.

"I Got Burned" by The Bamboos

A more considered reading of the lyrics would likely indicate that this song is an analogy for romantic desires. However, we'd like to believe it's more of a cautionary tale being sung by a neglected snag.

"Hash & Eggs" by The Blackbyrds

This song title (and repetitively sung lyric) outlines the ideal accompaniments to a perfectly cooked breakfast sausage. Get some pork on your fork!

"Fan the Fire" by Earth, Wind & Fire

Maurice White and his bandmates were clearly big supporters of cooking over an open flame, most likely using charcoal or those weird fire-brick things. Anyway, we digress, this is a killer tune.

"Hot Dawgit" by Ramsey Lewis

With searing guitar lines that are hotter than a sizzling BBQ, Ramsey and bandmates deliver the goods here. Their exclamations of "Oooh! Hot Dawgit!" lead us to believe that the hot dogs they cooked are extremely tasty.

"Pick it Up, Lay it in the Cut" by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

Another expert-level song to round out our list by the Queen Mother of Funk - Miss Sharon Jones (RIP). Follow her advice and get that banger off the BBQ into your slice of bread quick smart! And there's a sick drum-break 2:40min into the track, so you win twice really.


We're really passionate about celebrating the beauty of our little ol' Adelaide. We love getting involved with events that get people out and about and thoroughly entertained.

We're available for hire as event DJs in Adelaide if you think a vinyl DJ is the right fit for your special event.


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