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Dylan & Charlotte's Wedding at Le Mas

"Well, you... You make my dreams come true..."

The levels of excitement and anticipation were high as we set up our gear in the lush outdoors area of Le Mas in the Barossa Valley. As we arrived, we could hear an energetic singalong occurring inside the venue. It was clear: guests were having a great time. Credit to the excellent acoustic duo Wildhearts Entertainment (Ollie English and Katie Moore) - they are seriously talented singers and musicians.

Dylan and Charlotte contacted us a couple of months ago in the midst of re-planning their wedding after their initial date was scuppered by COVID. They were very, very keen for a dance party after a year of pandemic-repressed dancing needs. We’ll be honest, we were pretty darn excited to hear of their dreams for a big party! They had planned a lot of great music throughout their day - starting with the very talented Atlantic Street Band, followed by Wildhearts Entertainment, as mentioned above, and ending the night with our tunes in the courtyard.

On a side note, getting to play outside is a bunch of fun, particularly when the weather is perfect, as it was on this occasion. We’d highly recommend Le Mas as a wedding and reception venue - the festoon light adorned courtyard was a magical sight. Another bonus of playing in an open outdoor area is the option of enhancing the low-end of our sound system with a subwoofer. Without the reflective surfaces and room-rebound of indoor spaces to worry about, we were able to EQ our system and achieve a seriously pleasing sound where you could hear and feel the music without it being ear-splittingly loud. NB: We spend a lot of time setting up and levelling our system to fit with venues’ dance floor spaces so that guests are not being fatigued by an over-worked or out-of-phase sound system.

Righteo, onto the music! We had about 2 hours worth of playing time so we aimed for all killer, no filler. Dylan and Charlotte were really clear about some of their favourite songs and artists (and also their not-so favourites - also handy to know!) and included a list of requests from their guests as well. The musical palette spanned most eras and genres, with a couple of specific requests that celebrated memorable moments of their youth. For example, "Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)" by The Backstreet Boys. It was almost like a flash mob had descended on the dancefloor with rehearsed and synced moves! This was clearly a definitive song for them and their friends. Someone had either found or brought a bell with them and this received liberal ringings throughout this song and for the remainder of the night. We’re not quite sure what it signified but it was a lot of fun. We’ll have to ask Dylan and Charlotte for the backstory on that one.

Gee whiz was this crowd up for a dance or what?!? We had an absolute blast working the dance floor and it was a truly joyful event. Another thing working in favour of a great dance floor, was that all of the formalities were completed before Dylan and Charlotte’s first dance. If we were to give couples one bit of advice for planning the flow of their reception, it’s that if they’re super-keen for a vibing and long-running dancefloor, it would be to complete all of the eating, speeches, and announcements so that the dancing flow can continue uninterrupted once it begins. Dylan and Charlotte’s guests provided some memorable dance moves and joyful abandon to the following tunes, most of which were requests from the newlyweds: Hall and Oates - "You Make My Dreams Come True" (a great choice as their first dance), Lizzo - "Good as Hell", Ginuwine - "Pony" (my gosh this sounded incredible with the subwoofer),

A poignant moment occurred during the bridge of "One More Time" (Daft Punk) when the guests hoisted Dylan and Charlotte onto their shoulders and they stared lovingly and joyfully into each other’s eyes and shared a kiss. Shortly after that, the night drew to a close to the sounds of “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap.


Thanks Dylan and Charlotte for having us as your wedding DJs.

Charlotte said: "We had the best night and so did our guests. Everyone has said they danced all night long which is exactly what we wanted! Thanks again for everything you did on the night and for all your support in the uncertainty leading up to the event. We really appreciate it!"

We're available for hire as wedding DJs in Adelaide if you think we're the right fit for your wedding or special event.

Charlotte and Dylan's wedding was photographed by Jack Small

Other suppliers were: Fragment Films (videographer), Bonnie Blooms (florist), Atlantic Street Band (canape hour), Wildheart Entertainment (ceremony and reception), Le Mas (Venue) and Orso (Catering and Hire)


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